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When you drive a Freightliner truck, you are partnering with a company with a rich heritage and benchmark products.
With the maneuverability & flexibility of the Freightliner Business Class® M2, to the powerful heavy duty Cascadia, Freightliner trucks combine comfort and dependability to help you run smart and feel proud while doing it. You might drive a truck to earn a living, but hey, you still love driving a truck, and Freightliner offers the most dynamic choices for all truck vocations and alt fuel types today!

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Freightliner Cascadia Truck -
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Freightliner Cascadia

When it comes to the noise in regular trucks, it’s typically not just one rattle. It’s lots of tiny little noises that add up to a racket. So we locked our engineers in the cab with sound sensors (“electronic sonar technology,” they call it) until they’d identified and quieted all the squeaks, rattles, hums and noises. The result: a truck that rides like a quiet luxury car and reduces driver stress and fatigue.

Better Sleep Means Safer Roads
Whether you’re behind the wheel driving or behind a desk managing, safety is your top priority. Studies have shown the louder the cab, the worse the sleep. Science has linked bad sleep to slower reaction time and feelings of annoyance and aggravation: a witch’s brew for the road. Even experienced drivers who are “used to it ” wake several times a night without being aware of it. So we surrounded the cab with loads of extra insulation to keep it quiet for improved sleep, and ultimately safer roads.

The Best Seat on the Road
If this seat was any more comfortable, it’d have a wooden arm to pop up the footrest. We know you’ll love the dimensions: the seat is two inches wider, two inches longer and goes two inches higher. Optional features include a seat-heater, swivel and three-way bolster. The seat’s great not because it fits so many different people, but because the adjustability means it will fit YOU.

Better for the Bottom Line
From the tires up, the ride in the Cascadia was fine-tuned to reduce road-buzz. The seat, for example, has its own shock absorber that we tuned to the truck suspension. So rather than feeling like you’re sloshing around on a waterbed, you feel just the smooth comfort of the truck.

cascadia daycabHaving eyes on the road and hands on the wheel means fewer accidents. So we designed Cascadia’s steering wheel with built-in switches. All the cruise control switches are on one side. On the other side, your thumb will find the marker light interrupter for courtesy flashes, the engine brake on/off switch, and the Message Center toggle switch.
See the Road Ahead

The improved sight lines and the extended windshield give the cab an unparalleled look at the road in front of the truck. From the second you sit in the cab, you’ll feel safer and more confident than ever before. The Cascadia’s dramatic sight lines provide you with visibility that will allow you to better see your surroundings and operate your truck safely.

If You Can’t See My Mirrors…
Cascadia’s mirrors give the truck fantastic sight lines. They’re big, aerodynamic, won’t shake, and have built-in heaters to keep them free of frost and fog. And forget fender mirrors: standard hood mirrors have a stable, metal base so you can see alongside the truck. Plus, all the mirrors have a fold-away feature in case they get grazed or knocked.

Crash-Rated Cab
Cascadia passed or exceeded all the punishing U.S. and European crash tests. But that wasn’t enough, so we made sure it passed the A-Pillar impact test, the roof crush test, and the seat- and bunk-pull tests. This is the strongest cab we’ve ever built, thanks to the stiff, rounded cab design.

Your truck operates safely and under control. And we knew if safety features were too quick on the trigger, they wouldn’t be used. That's how the Roll Stability Advisor works. If the truck senses a dangerous situation, even if it's not enough to engage the Roll Stability Control, it points out what could've been done differently, such as reduce speed by 2 mph. And it delays the message a short while, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Keeping It Rubber-Side Down
In an emergency situation, the truck could be forced into a bad spot that might cause a rollover. To keep Cascadia shiny-side up, the Roll Stability Control kicks in automatically and instantly. It reduces engine power, applies the engine brake, and/or applies the tractor rear service and trailer brakes. Drivers who’ve tested it say, “It was like an invisible hand kept it upright.”

The Reverse Ejector Seat
Nightmare scenario: somehow the Cascadia rolls, and the safety features snap into action. The seatbelt tightens, the side airbags deploy, and to make more headroom, the truck’s seat fires downward to the floor like a reverse ejection seat. Everything happens in less than a second, greatly improving the odds of walking away from a bad wreck.
Light the Way

Night driving vision isn’t about having the most expensive bulb. The real deal is reflectors that focus and spread the light where you need it. We spent hundreds of hours making tiny adjustments until we found a great pattern that feels brighter, improves night driving, and reduces stress and fatigue. You’ve got to see it.

Our engineers threw out the regular playbook on heavy duty trucks to build the Cascadia. Then they tested, retested, then kept on testing so you’d have the most reliable and aerodynamic truck with an ultra-quiet and safe cab.
Pencils, Clay and Aluminum

We started with the must-have: giant radiator, engine, and chassis that would pass EPA ‘07. Designers sketched it up from there, with pencil drawings and small clay models. Lasers then scanned the clay model, and a 3D milling machine created a full-size clay and composite model to see how it fared in the wind tunnel.

Modeling the Future

Freightliner engineers embraced computer 3D modeling of the truck early on. Because aerodynamic changes are so complex, designers and engineers could try wild ideas in the virtual wind tunnel to see what worked best without waiting to test prototypes in the wind tunnel.

Born in the Wind Tunnel
Engineers then proved the computer model’s aerodynamics by logging over 2500 hours in our wind tunnel. By comparison, other trucking companies just rent time, paying usually for only 200 hours in the wind tunnel. Ours is the only wind tunnel owned by a North American truck manufacturer.

Can You Hear It Now?
Our sound engineers threw down the gauntlet: no racket in the Cascadia. They gridded off the entire interior, and listened to every square inch with a super-sensitive microphone. They measured noise while the engine roared. They isolated and stopped wind noise in the wind tunnel. And they tracked down and killed the buzzes, rattles, and squeaks. Shhh. Just enjoy the quiet. Robotic Precision: The Freightliner Cascadia's tight fit and quiet ride comes from micro-precise construction techniques.

interiorBuilt Like a Luxury Car
Double skinned, stamped walls make the truck stronger — Cascadia easily passed all safety tests — and reduced audible vibration frequency by 50 percent. In fact, no other heavy duty truck on the market has stamped cab walls put together with such micro-precision. Even in the car market, only luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Audi are manufactured this way.

A New Truck with Years of Experience
With new features like available rack and pinion steering and an overhauled HVAC, we couldn’t let Cascadia on the road until it passed some extreme testing. Take a tour of the torture chamber:

* Climate Chamber: Components must keep working, wet or dry, from -40 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
* Torture Track: Two miles of rocks, potholes, curbs and curves.
* The Shaker: We record the torture track jolts, then replay it for six straight weeks.

Boot and Glove Engineering
* Easy to replace the two-piece roped-in windshield.
* Radiator and fan shroud are mounted to the engine, which means radiator struts don’t block engine access.
* Removable three-piece rain tray makes it easy to access the rear of the engine.
* Single, easy-to-find bulb for all headlights.
* Three-piece bumper quick to repair.
* Three-piece hood less expensive to repair than entire hood.

We made hundreds of little changes that will help technicians get your truck back on the road faster. Throughout the entire truck, we used fewer parts or made parts easier to reach and remove. The Cascadia’s design will shave time and dollars off your labor bill.

All New, Ultra-Reliable HVAC
If your HVAC isn’t working, you probably aren’t either. And like you, the condenser in the AC system works under a lot of pressure. That pressure can wear out hoses, compressors and seals, which can park that truck in the garage. To reduce those problems, we made the Cascadia condenser over 20 percent larger than most systems. That lets it work at a lower pressure, which makes the whole system more reliable.

HVAC for that Wind-Blown Look
You’ll swear the top blower mode should be called “tornado”. We ramped up airflow more than 20 percent vs. typical systems, simplified the controls, and put vents all over the cab. The HVAC on the Cascadia performs like a 4-wheeler’s system: great performance with little maintenance.

Sleep Comfortably
Idling the engine to run the HVAC all night is expensive. So our optional, reliable auxiliary HVAC system runs off four outboard batteries. It sits behind the driver’s seat so it won’t be damaged in normal jack-knife collisions. Plus, all serviceable items (heater, evaporator, blower, actuator, sensor, and filter) can be accessed without pulling the unit from the truck. And that means quicker repair times.

Intelligent Diagnostics For All
The Cascadia electrical system is a state-of-the-art design that takes advantage of new diagnostic tools, yet blends the best of traditional systems as well. This dual functioning system of “part multiplexing and part traditional” technology is common in the automotive world today because you get increased diagnostics and easier parameter changes. Yet it is not a completely proprietary system, so technicians from any Freightliner dealership can access diagnostics you need to keep driving, such as the engine and transmission Electronic Control Units (ECUs). When the truck is a long way from home, this can slash downtime and repair costs.

Flexible Electrical System
Want the brake lights on whenever the engine brake is activated? In the past, you’d have to hard-wire something like that. Cascadia’s flexible electrical system lets a fleet technician set this and many other options. By opening the electrical system, your fleet can adds lots of very inexpensive options for running your trucks.

So Easy to Look Good
You’ll be out of the body shop quick whenever road debris dings your ride. The bumper and hood are both split into three pieces. This cuts labor cost because only one part needs to be changed (and in the case of the bumper, possibly painted). You save money because the parts are smaller, too. The side fairings also have smaller sacrificial parts — a 4-inch panel on the bottom and a rear end-cap — so you don’t have to replace the whole fairing. And the break-away design means easy and quick replacement.

Headlights Last Longer
The high beam, low beam and road lights all use the same bulb: one that can be purchased on the cheap from nearly any truck stop. So you won’t need to special order bulbs. Plus replacing the bulb requires no tools. You just pop the hood and turn the light door a quarter turn to pull the old bulb. Not that you’ll replace bulbs often. Cascadia’s electrical system slowly “ramps up” the voltage to heat the filament slowly. The human eye can’t detect the change, but it dramatically extends bulb life.

Our test fleet was fertile ground for ideas. We counted more drivers at both ends of the size spectrum: big men who needed a bigger seat, and small women who needed a more adjustable chair. They got it. Then we noticed drivers banging their feet around near the pedals, so we increased footwells to comfortably fit working boots. And we built all controls in the cab to be usable, even with work gloves on.

Engines & Efficiency
The easiest way to save on fuel? Own a more aerodynamic truck that needs less fuel to push itself through the wind. Like the Cascadia. For months and months, our engineers tweaked and tested full-scale models in our own wind tunnel to deliver fuel saving aerodynamics.

Proven Aerodynamics
And that's not just big talk: we had the independent Auto Research Center (ARC) double-check our numbers the same way they validate aerodynamics data from Formula One and NASCAR.

Born in the Wind Tunnel
Engineers proved the computer model's aerodynamics by logging over 2500 hours in our wind tunnel. By comparison, other trucking companies use only 200 hours. Our guys aren't slow; they nipped, tucked and flared every little surface on Cascadia. Gaskets, mirror shapes, bumpers, headlights. They tested, tested, and tested again. They even improved the aerodynamics UNDER the hood to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Designed for EPA ‘07, and Beyond
The Cascadia was designed to easily accept EPA 2007 and 2010 emission engines. We incorporated everything into the design to meet the regulations for the next several years. And we were able to do this with cooling packages that don’t block your view of the road.

So Long, Radiator Struts
Both the radiator and fan shroud are mounted to the engine, which means your mechanic won’t need to be double-jointed to get in there. Even better, it means more air is drawn through the radiator instead of around it, cooling your engine more efficiently.

smartwayGetting There with Cleaner Air
US EPA Certified - SmartWay®The Freightliner Cascadia meets and exceeds the EPA Smartway voluntary specifications that dramatically improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. The aerodynamic shape and features of the Cascadia, along with features like the ultra-efficient DD15 engine, can reduce fuel consumption by 10-20 percent, according to the EPA.

Choose Power or Fuel Efficiency. Or Choose Both

Fuel economy or pulling power? Don't choose. Demand it all. The new Detroit Diesel DD15™ gets up to 5% better fuel economy and snappy acceleration with up to 50 free horsepower. Depending on the needs of your fleet, you can also choose the Cummins ISX or two other do-everything Detroit Diesel engines.

Pick Your Engine
cascadia engines
Like all Freightliner highway trucks, the Cascadia cab is made from aluminum that weighs significantly less than steel. And the less the cab weighs, the more payload the truck can haul. Which means more revenue per trip.

“Idle” is a Four-Letter Word

Idling the engine to run the heat or AC while you sleep isn’t just an expensive waste of fuel, it’s against the law in many states. So we added an optional battery-powered HVAC unit that runs up to 10 hours before needing a recharge.

Freightliner M2, M2106, M2-112, Clean Diesel, CNG, Hybrid Electric
or Natural Gas LNG Trucks

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- M2-106 & M2-112 Flyer (PDF) >
- M2e Hybrid flyer (PDF) >

- M2 Natural Gas (LNG) Truck flyer (PDF) >

Freightliner M2e HybridThe Freightliner Business Class M2 e Hybrid reduces fuel consumption compared to non-hybrid drive systems. Testing shows a savings of up to 1,500 gallons of fuel per year for a typical urban delivery vehicle—nearly $5,000 back to the bottom line.

The Freightliner Business Class M2e Hybrid features the Eaton® Hybrid Electric Drivetrain system, This c system allows you operate using the diesel engine alone or operate in combination with the hybrid electric motor. The hybrid motor provides additional power to launch the vehicle and improves fuel economy in high stop and go operations. It’s a forward-thinking vehicle for utility, pick-up and delivery, and beverage applications.

When you invest in the Freightliner Business Class® M2e Hybrid, you benefit from Freightliner’s powerful combination of product knowledge, resources and service/support systems. The Freightliner Business Class® M2e Hybrid is another step towards our goal of a zero-emissions vehicle.
Freightliner M2 112 Natural Gas LNG Truck
Introducing the Freightliner Business Class® M2 Natural Gas work truck, a clean alternative designed for a broad range of applications. The Business Class M2 line of trucks offers unparalleled benefits that help businesses increase productivity, performance and profitability. The Business Class M2 112 Natural Gas truck is powered by the Cummins Westport 8.9: ISL G engine. The Business Class M2 Natural Gas truck is more than just a vehicle. It’s a clear business advantage.


Freightliner has teamed up with Cummins Westport to deliver a natural gas alternative to traditional diesel power in a proven, reliable truck engineered for a broad range of applications. The Cummins Westport Natural Gas engine meets 2010 EPA and CARB emissions standards. The Business Class M2 Natural Gas Class 7/8 truck and tractor is ready to provide you with a clean alternative right now in LTL/Regional Haul and Distribution applications. Other applications such as government/municipalities, construction, P&D, utility and services are currently under development.

Freightliner M2112
Freightliner M2-112 Trucks
(available CNG, LNG or Clean Diesel)

Heavy Duty Performance and Versatility

Freightliner’s Business Class M2 112 medium duty truck is tough and durable, engineered with the heavy-duty strength and power to make a positive impact on your bottom line. Available as a truck or tractor with GVWR of up to 66,000 lbs and optional 20,000 lb capacity front axles and suspensions, the Business Class M2 112 medium duty truck is built for the most demanding situations.

Every model of Business Class M2 features a 2,500 square-inch windshield and up to a 55-degree wheel cut for excellent visibility and maneuverability. With more custom options and safety features than ever before, the Business Class M2 112 is great for your business.Get The Body You Want Business Class M2 medium duty trucks support a wide range of bodies and chassis mounted equipment. With a multiplex wiring system standard, clear frame rails back of cab and a variety of horizontally mounted exhausts, you can get the configuration you want without erasing the bottom line. And when you add Freightliner's commercial truck financing you can start running smart from day one.

Dependable Power for Your Business

Powered by MBE or Cummins engines, the Business Class M2 112 medium duty truck delivers the strength and performance you need to maximize productivity, day in and day out. When you add an engine equipped with Detroit Diesel's BlueTec emissions system, you're ready to go today, and set to meet the EPA 2010 mandate tomorrow.

Freightliner M2 106Freightliner M2-106 Trucks (available CNG, LNG, Hybrid Electric or Clean Diesel) Versatility and Efficiency to Meet the Demands of Today's Business
With Freightliner’s Business Class M2 medium duty truck, versatility is the goal. Every model features an aluminum cab, great interior room and visibility – the perfect platform for any application. When maneuverability and visibility are top priorities, the Business Class M2 106 medium duty truck is the answer. The dramatically sloped hood of the Business Class M2 provides unparalleled visibility and room for engines of up to 350 horsepower. The up to 55 degree wheel cut provides outstanding maneuverability in tight urban situations.

The Business Class M2 106 is the true utility player of the family. Available as a truck or tractor, it comes standard with the MBE900 engine and features a chassis that supports an incredible variety of bodies and equipment. Designed for maximum comfort and safety, Business Class M2 medium duty trucks are engineered to improve reliability and productivity, giving you the flexibility to meet any job requirement.

Get the Body You Want

Business Class M2 trucks support a wide range of bodies and chassis mounted equipment. With a multiplex wiring system standard, clear frame rails back of cab and a variety of horizontally mounted exhausts, you can get the configuration you want without erasing the bottom line. And when you add Freightliner's commercial truck financing you can start running smart from day one.

Dependable Power for Your Business
Powered by MBE or Cummins engines, the Business Class M2 106 medium duty truck delivers the strength and performance you need to maximize productivity day in and day out.

Freightliner Coronado

PDF Icon- Coronado Flyer (PDF) >
Freightliner Coronado

Crafted as Freightliner’s traditional on-highway truck, the Coronado® combines style and performance into a vehicle that turns heads and profits. While a long hood and chrome accents command attention on the road, the roomy and luxurious interior ensures miles of driving pleasure. And, with powerful and efficient engine offerings, smooth-riding suspensions, and an ergonomically designed cab, the reliable Coronado is ready to take on the challenges of the road like no other.

Cab / sleeper configurations
• Day Cab
• 34" Mid-Roof
• 48" Mid-Roof

• 58" Mid-Roof
• 58" Mid-Roof XT
• 58" Raised Roof
• 70" Mid-Roof
• 70" Mid-Roof XT
• 70" Raised Roof

Engine Versatility
The Coronado offers engines and ratings for the job at hand: Detroit Diesel DD13,™ DD15™ and DD16,™ and the Cummins® ISX.
All engine and exhaust systems use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions technology and are EPA 2010 compliant.

Standard Features
• 122" BBC or 132" BBC
• Eaton® Fuller® 10-speed manual transmission
• Freightliner AirLiner® suspension
• 1,700 square-inch radiator
• Lightweight aluminum cab structure
• Strong, durable hood with steel grille surround and signature chromed hood handle
• 2-piece windshield sloped at an optimal 24 degrees for better airflow
• 100-gallon round aluminum fuel tank
• Air-ride driver and passenger seats
• Ergonomic wraparound dash that’s driver-friendly and quiet
• Bandon Driftwood instrument panel
• Stainless steel front grille
• Stainless steel lower cowl sides
• Dual hood-mounted chromed steel air intakes

• A wide range of both Eaton and Allison® transmissions
• 18" Texas square style bumper
• Cab/sleeper LED accent lighting
• Custom cabinet configurations
• Signature interior trim level featuring Oregon Burl wood panels
• Front air suspension
• Stainless sun visor with all sleeper cabs
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